Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Homage to Family & Flowers

I'm loving this Spring weather Texas is dishing out! won't last long and I relish every minute of it! Visiting my father in New Braunfels, Texas where I grew up and staying in the house his grand-parents built and sleeping in the room he was born in; along with turning 36 years young, has made me very nostalgic recently. Walking around the bandstand on the main plaza, looking up at the perfect blue sky through the pecans trees as the wind plays, and dipping my toes in the spring fed river while resisting the urge to throw my dog in who hates water, really made for an overall fantabulous day!

The picture below is the inspiration for the name of this blog - Winecups & Wildflowers. Wildflowers in Texas just make me happy; someone once said that flowers are where the sun kissed the earth with love...a little cheesy I know...but I love it anyway. Winecups are such a brilliant fuschia and just pop in the sun. The cattle brand in the background of the picture is our family brand that my great-great-grand-father, Peter Becker, used when this here city was farmland...did that come out a little to country??? Sorry! Well, at least I got an okay shot of the flower it too was trying to dance in the wind...!

My other accomplishment on this fine Spring evening (which turned into the wee hours of the morning) is getting this blog FINALLY started which is part of my Wedding Flower & Design biz, Laurel's Florals, in Houston, Texas. Yeaaaaa for me!!!  There will be so much more to come and I am a little bummed I didn't start blogging years ago cause I'm going to love it and I hope anyone reading it will too.

More to come...

Until then enjoy these lovely wildflower pictures I snapped earlier today. I know there's a lot...I couldn't choose. I also snapped a couple of happy bovine and threw them in the mix.

I Wish I Had A Bluebonnet Haiku Just Now!